College of Charleston - European Studies
Requirements: Cluster B
COMM 382 Theories of Rhetoric
ENGL 201 Major British Writers I
ENGL 202 Major British Writers II
ENGL 203 European Literature from Greece to Renaissance
ENGL 204 European Literature from Neoclassicism
Blankthrough 20th Century
ENGL 301 Shakespeare-Early Period
ENGL 302 Shakespeare-Late Period
ENGL 304 Chaucer
ENGL 306 Milton
ENGL 307 Introduction to Old English
ENGL 308 Spenser
ENGL 312 History of English Language
ENGL 314 Non-Dramatic Literature of Renaissance
ENGL 317 The 17th Century
ENGL 318 The 18th Century
ENGL 321 The Romantics
ENGL 323 Victorian Period
ENGL 325 20th Century British Literature
ENGL 327 British Novel I
ENGL 328 British Novel II
ENGL 335 Modern Poetry
ENGL 337 British Drama to 1642
ENGL 340 Restoration and 18th Century Drama
ENGL 350 Major Authors
ENGL 360 Major Literary Themes
Oxford, England
BlankFREN  BlankTop Of Page
FREN 220 Special Assignment Abroad
FREN 322 French Literature -Middle Ages to 18th Century
FREN 323 French Literature-19th and 20th Centuries
FREN 324 French Civilization and Literature
Blankto the 17th Century
FREN 325 French Civilization and Literature-18th
Blankthrough 20th Centuries
FREN 330 Collateral Readings
FREN 343 La France Contemporaine
FREN 360 French Language Study Abroad
FREN 361 Current Issues in France
FREN 363 Advanced French Culture
FREN 370 Studies in French Film and Literature
FREN 431 The Middle Ages and Renaissance
FREN 432 Literature of the 17th Century
FREN 433 The Baroque and Classic Theatre
FREN 434 Literature of the 18th Century
FREN 435 Literature of the 19th Century I
FREN 436 Literature of the 19th Century II
FREN 437 Literature of the 20th Century
FREN 438 Theatre of the 20th Century
FREN 443 The Novel in France
FREN 480 History of French Language
FREN 482 French Women Writers
FREN 483 French Fairy Tales
FREN 150-450 French Literature in English Translation
BlankGERM, GREK, ITAL and LATIN BlankTop Of Page
GERM 324 German Civilization and Culture
GERM 325 Contemporary Issues in Germany
GERM 328 German Language Study Abroad
GERM 329 Current Issues in Germany or
BlankGerman-Speaking World
GERM 365 Introduction to German Literature
GERM 370 Studies in German Film and Literature
GERM 463 19th Century German Literature
GERM 464 German Literature From 1900 to 1945
GERM 465 German Literature Since 1945
GERM 466 Age of Goethe
GERM 470 The Novelle
GERM 150-450 German Literature in English Translation
GREK 203 New Testament in Greek I
GREK 204 New Testament in Greek II
GREK 205 Homeric Greek
GREK 371 Ancient Greek Poetry
GREK 372 Ancient Greek Prose
ITAL 328 Italian Language Study Abroad
ITAL 361 Italian Literature to 18th Century
ITAL 362 Italian Literature-18th through 20th Centuries
ITAL 370 Studies in Italian Film and Literature
ITAL 452 Contemporary Italian Literature
ITAL 150-450 Italian Literature in English Translation
LATN 301 Introduction to Latin Literature
LATN 305 Medieval Latin
LATN 321 Cicero
LATN 322 Vergil
LATN 323 Roman Historiography
LATN 371 Roman Comedy
LATN 372 Roman Satire
LATN 373 Roman Biography
Rome, Italy
RUSS and SPAN Top Of Page
RUSS 250 Russian Literature in English Translation
SPAN 220 Special Assignment Abroad
SPAN 320 Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Literature
SPAN 322 Civilization and Culture of Spain I
SPAN 323 Civilization and Culture of Spain II
SPAN 329 Current Issues in Spain or Spanish-Speaking World
SPAN 361 Survey of Spanish Literature I
SPAN 362 Survey of Spanish Literature II
SPAN 446 History of Spanish Language
SPAN 451 Spanish Literature-18th and 19th Centuries
SPAN 452 20th Century Spanish Literature
SPAN 453 Don Quijote de la Mancha
SPAN 474 Contemporary Spanish Theatre
SPAN 475 Modern Literature of Iberian Peninsula
SPAN 150-450 Spanish Literature in English Translation
Literature Top Of Page
CLAS 253 Ancient Epic
CLAS 254 Classical Tragedy
CLAS 255 Classical Comedy
CLAS 256 Ancient Satire
CLAS 270 Romans in Cinema
CLAS 301 Topics in Ancient Greek Literature
CLAS 302 Topics in Latin Literature
CLAS 303 Topics in Classical Civilization
ARTH 245 Introduction to History of Architecture
ATRH 345 Greek and Roman Art
ARTH 350 Early Christian and Byzantine Art
ARTH 355 Early Medieval and Romanesque Art
ARTH 360 Gothic Art
ARTH 362 Medieval Manuscript Illumination
ARTH 365 Northern Renaissance Art
ARTH 370 Italian Early Renaissance Art
ARTH 375 Italian High and Late Renaissance Art
ARTH 380 Baroque Art
ARTH 381 Spanish Baroque Painting and Sculpture
ARTH 385 European Painting, 1700-1850
ARTH 390 Modern European Art
ARTH 394 History of 18th and 19th Century European
MUSC 230 Masterworks of Music Literature
MUSC 337 Opera Literature
MUSC 381 Music History-5th through 17th Centuries
MUSC 382 Music History-18th and 19th Centuries
MUSC 482 Music Theory-20th Century

THTR 310 History of Theatre and Literature to 1750
THTR 311 History of Theatre and Literature after 1750
THTR 331 History of Dance
THTR 387 Contemporary Theatre
THTR 388 Dramatic Theory and Criticism
Budapest, Hungry