College of Charleston - European Studies
Requirements: Cluster C
BlankANTH 326 Peoples and Cultures of Europe
BlankECON 308 Evolution of Economic Doctrines
ECON 310 International Economics
ECON 330 Comparative Economic Systems
ECON 382 International Financial Markets
BlankFREN 381 French for Business I
FREN 382 French for Business II
BlankGERM 331 German for Business
GERM 332 German in International Business
BlankSPAN 316 Spanish for Business
BlankDSCI 314 Global Management of Technology
BlankMGMT 322 International Business
MGMT 325 Comparative International Management
MGMT 391 The International Corporation: A Comparative Approach
MGMT 409 Global Strategic Management
BlankMKTG 326 International Marketing
MKTG 327 Seminar in International Marketing
TRAN 432 Intermodal Systems Management
BlankPOLS 320 Politics of Western Europe
POLS 325 Politics of Central/Eastern Europe
POLS 326 Soviet and Russian Politics
Parliment - London, England
From A Bridge in Paris